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Shaarei Shomayim is dedicated to supporting females through leadership. We hope to increase your knowledge, expand your horizons and enrich your life by bringing to you relevant, topical information and keep you connected to our community, regardless of age or life stage.

Tradition of Involvement & Programs

Board Leadership: Shaarei Shomayim women represent a significant portion of the board, including the executive. 

Bat Mitzvah: An incredible bat mitzvah program is designed to provide a more extensive and meaningful role for girls at this important time in their lives.

Female Scholars: Internationally-known female scholars are invited among the many guest speakers to teach and share their words of Torah as part of Scholar-In-Residence weekends, holiday celebrations and other special events. 

Megillah Readings: Shaarei Shomayim's Women’s Megillah Readings are signature standing-room-only events, with women of all ages from across the GTA participating.

Simchat Torah Divrei Torah: This morning of learning is expressed through the knowledge and perspective of Shaarei Shomayim women of all ages. It has become one of the high points in the shul calendar and is attended by hundreds of men and women each year.

Simchat Torah Dancing: Women are encouraged to, and enjoy the ability to, dance with a Sefer Torah during Simchat Torah.

Kaddish: Our shul welcomes and encourages women to say Kaddish for loved ones.

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