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Our Shinshinim


Shinshinim” is an acronym for “Shnat Sherut” - year of service. This word describes a program developed by the Jewish Agency for Israel and supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Toronto. Israeli high school graduates are carefully selected to volunteer for a year abroad. This is the third year that Shaarei Shomayim has partnered with Netivot HaTorah Day School and Bnei Akiva to welcome the Shinshinim. Our Shinshinim bring a modern, religious sense of Israel and Israeli culture to our community. 

ORIYAH SEGMAN is the second of three children, and lives in Be’er Sheva in the Negev. She majored in Biology, Theatre, and Gemara in high school, and was a Madricha in Bnei Akiva’s Shevet Ma'apilim. She volunteers for "Medical Friends" facilitating activities for children with special needs; and for “Im Tirtzu,” the largest grassroots Zionist movement in Israel. 

MAOR MENASSE is the eldest of five children, and lives in Bet Horon. He majored in Arabic and Physics in high school, and is keenly interested in the history of Israeli politics and historical decisions. He has been a Madrich in Bnei Akiva for the past 2 years, and volunteers leading activities for a group of seniors in Bet Horon. 

Please click here to watch a video that ORIYAH and MAOR prepared for our shul. 

To read Dvar Israel by the Shinshinim, please click here.

Wed, 17 July 2019 14 Tammuz 5779