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Congratulations and mazal tov on the new arrival in your family!

To welcome a Jewish life into this world is something special both for a family and a community. As a community, we try to both share the joy of this time and to lend a hand of support. Please share your good news with the Rabbi and the shul office.

We’re pleased to share information to guide you through the rituals associated with this wonderful time. Often, in our community, we gather for a shalom zachar on the first Friday night after a baby boy is born. When a baby boy is eight days old, his parents are commanded to give him a brit milah. To schedule a brit at Shaarei Shomayim, please contact the synagogue office at 416.789.3213 or Click here to find information about Toronto-based mohels (not all the mohels in this list are approved by our synagogue).

After the natural birth of a first-born boy, we perform a special ceremony called a pidyon haben. This is a relatively rare and special event. Please contact the rabbi to discuss the arrangements necessary for conducting this ceremony.

Many people welcome the birth of baby girls with a baby naming ceremony, simchat bat, or the increasingly popular zeved habat ceremony. To find out more about any of these opportunities, please contact the Rabbi. To schedule a baby naming, simchat bat, or zeved habat at Shaarei Shomayim, please contact the synagogue office at 416.789.3213 or

We hope you will choose to celebrate your special occasion at the shul. For general information, please contact the office at 416.789.3213. For room booking & options, view our catering and venue planning information.

Shaarei Shomayim offers many opportunities to sponsor a kiddush in honour of your simcha.

Mon, 15 July 2024 9 Tammuz 5784