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Volunteer / Chessed

Our community is a large and diverse one – there are various opportunities for volunteer involvement. Join one of our committees or get involved with a project, and become one of the many volunteers that make our community such a special one. We believe in a shul community because together we can achieve more than we can individually.

Volunteer opportunities range from adult education or chessed to youth or fundraising. See below for a complete list of committees and contact the shul to learn more.

Don’t have time to participate on a regular committee? Shaarei Shomayim also needs volunteers who can help out at specific events, with one-time commitments.

Welcome guests to our shul on High Holidays or a special weekend by greeting members and guests for an hour or two on Shabbat morning.

Contact the Chessed committee to make a meal for a family welcoming a new baby or visit someone who has become ill.

Join the Purim shpiel team with a role large or small to showcase your love of acting and comedy at the annual Purim Seudah.

Let’s make our shul warm and hospitable – we’re looking for members who can host young singles, new members or visitors for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. We want to ensure that every person who comes to our shul has a place to go. Please connect with the shul office.

Recent volunteer accomplishments have included Turning the Page: The Suzanne Burger Children’s Library, helping out at North York Harvest Food Bank, and the annual bikur cholim Chanukah program at Baycrest, MiNer LiNer.

Here is a list of our various committees. Connect with our president or executive director if you are interested.

Standing Committees

  • Adult Education
  • Budget and Finance
  • Bulletin
  • Catering & Events
  • Cemetery
  • Chevra Kadisha
  • Constitution
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • Decorum
  • Dues and Collections
  • House & Maintenance Committee
  • Israel Action
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Membership
  • Minyan
  • Nominating Committee
  • Office
  • Programming
  • Religious Committee
  • Sick & Visiting & Chessed (Bikur Cholim)
  • Youth (including Teens)

Other Committees

  • Brotherhood
  • Fundraising
  • High Holiday Subcommittee
  • Medical
  • Representative to COR
  • Security
  • Website
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