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Who To Call If

Who do I contact about…? 

Rabbinic questions, in case of death or illness:
Rabbi: Chaim Strauchler, ext 201 / True Emergencies: 416.886.4237

General shul questions, concerns, membership, committee & volunteer support, membership communication, membership database information, cemetery:
Nicole Toledano, Executive Director, ext 209

High Level Issues:
Robin Gofine, President

Kids, Teens, Youth Programming: 
Ari Karon, Youth Director

Life cycle coordination, event bookings, yahrzeits, sponsorships, special projects:
Ellen Spigelman, ext 206

Announcements, Shabbat Matters, Bulletin coordination, meeting coordination:
Meital Itzkovich, ext 200

Lejla Petrela, ext 205

Receivables, paying your bill, donations:
Tova Gaisin, ext 211

Bar Mitzvah Tutorial, Saying Kaddish, Davening, Reading Torah: 
Ralph Levine, Shamash & Ba'al Koreh, ext 203

Downstairs Minyan:
Rabbi Elliott Diamond                                  

Menchens Catering - Naomi Rosenblatt - 416.638.8381 (

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