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Shavuot Message 5781 from Toronto Rabbis

14/05/2021 08:35:07 AM


Chaim Strauchler

Dear Friends –

We write this letter to you in advance of Shavuot 5781.

We are very much aware that many Israelis will spend this Yom Tov in bomb shelters and that many will be deployed in ongoing military action. Throughout these next days, we must daven for the safety and well-being of our brothers and sister in Israel.

We have all experienced losses throughout the pandemic. Those losses unfortunately continue.

We are excited for this yom tov - Zman Matan Torateinu – but we are also disappointed. Once again, we will not be able to gather in Shul for large Tikkun Layl Shavuot learning. We will not be able to welcome friends and family to our tables, as we so very much desire. We will experience another Yom Tov in lockdown.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to create learning opportunities on Shavuot. Please schedule chavrusas with members of your families. Please set aside sefarim for your personal study. Please stay up late, all night if you can, and receive the Torah anew early Shavuot morning. Please make this time special. The eternal message of the Torah can be experienced everywhere and anytime, even within a lockdown. Our Torah teaches us principles by which we can and must live. In observing the laws of our province and keeping ourselves and others safe in confluence with our Torah study, we are not simply experiencing a b’dieved Shavuot. Rather, we are fulfilling mitzvoth of the Torah in ways that we cannot in a “regular” year. There is a special kiyum in our learning, this Shavuot.

As we open our sefarim and look into the eyes, hearts and minds of our chavrusas and ourselves – let us take strength from the Torah itself. Ki hem chayenu v’orech yameinu is true every year – and especially this year.

With Yom Tov blessings -


Rabbi Seth Grauer

Rabbi Yeheskel Grysman

Rabbi Noam Horowitz

Rabbi Aaron Katchen

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

Rabbi Avram Rothman

Rabbi Zev Spitz 

Rabbi Chaim Strauchler

Rabbi Tzvi Sytner

Sat, 18 September 2021 12 Tishrei 5782