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כִּי־אַתָּ֥ה עִמָּדִ֑י 

02/03/2021 09:47:04 AM


During our Shabbat Shira Kumzitz on Motzei Shabbat,

Chazzan Freund beautifully sang the words of Tehillim 23:4.

גַּ֤ם כִּֽי־אֵלֵ֨ךְ בְּגֵ֪יא צַלְמָ֡וֶת לֹא־אִ֘ירָ֤א רָ֗ע כִּי־אַתָּ֥ה עִמָּדִ֑י שִׁבְטְךָ֥ וּ֝מִשְׁעַנְתֶּ֗ךָ הֵ֣מָּה יְנַֽחֲמֻֽנִי׃

Though I walk through a valley of deepest darkness, I fear no harm, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff—they comfort me.


We all feel this darkness as we walk

through the valley that is this pandemic.

As isolated as we are, we are not alone.

Hashem is always there for us.


Ishay Ribo wrote a beautiful modern expansion of these words.

Click here to listen to it. Lyrics and translation below.


Ribo visited a 4-year-old cancer patient and sang it to him.

The boy is in remission. Ribo brought the child and his father

on stage to sing the song with him in 2016.

Click here for a video of the boy singing with Ribo.

Warning: This may make you cry warm tears.

Wed, 12 May 2021 1 Sivan 5781