Shaarei Shomayim is strengthened by the dedication of and contributions from its members, volunteers and friends.

Show your commitment through support. Join us. Get involved.

There are numerous ways to support the shul financially through donations, sponsorships and endowments. Contributing time and expertise is welcomed in a variety of special volunteer opportunities.  You can pay your bills for your annual membership contribution, hall rentals, pledges, aliyah, etc, anytime on-line.

Endowment funds can be set up to suit your individual requirements. A receipt for tax purposes will be provided in February of the year following the donation.

Many people give of their time and energy to make our shul a great centre of Jewish life for our families and our community. Members of all ages have made life at our shul richer with their involvement. Shaarei Shomayim welcomes volunteers on its many projects and committees. Volunteer.