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Terms of Reference for Rabbi Search Committee

Shaarei Shomayim Senior Rabbi Search Committee
Terms of Reference
April 6, 2021

In expectation of the recent announcement of Rabbi Strauchler and Avital’s departure from Shaarei Shomayim,  The Board of Governors of Shaarei Shomayim Congregation approved the creation of a Rabbinic Search Committee (the “Committee”) to identify and hire a new Rabbi to continue to elevate and evolve the spiritual, religious, and educational experience within our community. . In striking this committee, the Board has provided direction that, as far as reasonably possible, it should be comprised, of individuals that broadly reflect the demographics of our community. Committee members will be asked to set aside personal agendas and preferences and participate in discussions with a view to making recommendations that are in the best interests of the synagogue. The Shaarei Shomayim Executive Committee will regularly liaise with the Search Committee to be brought up to date and to provide input and perspective on the stages of search as it unfolds. There will also be regular reporting to the Board of Governors.

•    Two committee co-chairs
•    President
•    Gabbai
•    9 committee members including one past president

Nicole Toledano, Executive Director
•    Others tbd

Given the sensitive nature of the selection process, absolute confidentiality is required, and all participants will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.  This confidentiality extends to immediate family members and spouses. The expectation of absolute confidentiality includes anything discussed by the committee as well as any written materials that may be distributed during the course of the search. 

Roles and Responsibilities
The role of the Committee is to generate a list of qualified candidates and provide a recommendation to the Board of Governors as to the candidates best suited to serve as Senior Rabbi of Shaarei Shomayim Congregation. In order to protect the identity of applicants, when information is shared profiles and descriptions without names will be provided.  Members of the Committee must be prepared to undertake to attend all scheduled meetings absent extenuating circumstances. The Co-Chairs of the Committee will be responsible for leading the Committee through the committee process. The Committee may be divided into sub-committees to support discrete work streams such as communications, focus groups, surveys, or other issues. It is expected that members commit to participating in one of the subcommittees. 
The Committee’s responsibilities will include the following: 
•    Reviewing and commenting on the job description for the Senior Rabbi as well as all materials drafted in support of the search (i.e., Synagogue history/context; community profile; etc.)
•    Developing a communications and outreach strategy for the broad international dissemination of the position
•    Developing an internal communications strategy
•    Creating opportunities for the synagogue community to provide input into the desired qualities and qualifications of the prospective Rabbi (e.g., focus groups, town hall meetings, surveys, other tbd)
•    Providing regular updates to the Executive and Board of Governors
•    Reviewing all applications and providing a short list of the strong candidates
•    Developing and participating in the interview process
•    If possible, visiting communities with prospective Rabbis if appropriate
•    Participating in the design and implementation of the Proba process
•    Developing feedback mechanisms for each of the candidates and summary reports
•    Overseeing the input and voting process for the final candidate selection
•    Providing a final recommendation to the Board of Governors

Given the size of the Committee and the significant scope of the tasks involved, not every Committee member will be directly involved in every element of the process and one or more of the responsibilities may be delegated to subcommittees or assigned to particular individuals. 

Thu, 19 May 2022 18 Iyyar 5782