High Holidays 2017


You are welcome to join any (or all!) of the services over the High Holidays. 

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we offer our three wonderful services, led by clergy and lay leaders. There is no assigned seating in any of the services. We know you will find a meaningful, inspiring service at Shaarei Shomayim.

The High Holidays also offer alternative opportunities to pray and learn through an additional Open Service and classes. This year, Pray and Learn will be led by Dr. Elliott Malamet. The philosophy of the Open Service is that no Jewish question is undeserving of a thoughtful and honest answer in this friendly and relevant service. 

View the High Holiday Bulletin which includes davening times for the Holidays as well as other interesting information and articles.

Slichot: Check the calendar for slichot times.

Rosh Hashanah: These two days are a meaningful opportunity to connect through prayer and reflection during this important time in the Jewish calendar. View the 2017 Rosh Hashanah service times.

Shabbat Shuva Derasha: The Rabbi gives an annual derasha about repentance and this solemn time of the year on the Shabbat preceding Yom Kippur - $40K Judaism and the Orhodox Explotion: Success and Insensitivity

Yom Kippur: A very meaningful time in our shul. Join us for spiritual, uplifting prayer, Yizkor and learning at any of our services. Children's programming runs throughout the day and there is a room in the shul for those needing to eat discreetly for medical reasons. View the 2017 Yom Kippur service times.

Shofar: Tkiat Shofar takes place in all of the services, except when Rosh Hashanah falls on Shabbat. Check the calendar for the anticipated time.

Yizkor: Yizkor is recited in all three minyanim on Yom Kippur. Please check the calendar for the anticipated start time.

Prayer Books: On the High Holidays, members and guests are reminded to bring their own prayer book (machzor). Should you not have a machzor for the holidays, a select number of additional books will be kept at the welcome desk inside the main doors to the shul. 

Tickets: Members receive High Holiday tickets as part of the membership package. You are welcome to purchase additional tickets for visiting family or guests through our office. Tickets are mandatory for entrance to the building on the High Holidays, but seating is unreserved, and you are welcome to move throughout the various services.

Youth Programming: Recognizing the importance of meaningful tfillah during these times, the youth programs run throughout the High Holidays, staffed by the youth directors and their teen volunteers. More information can be found here, and stay tuned for our 2017-2018 program.

High Holiday Reader: Shaarei Shomayim is pleased to provide a reader with insightful articles, divrei Torah, and words to reflect upon for this meaningful time. Please be sure to pick one up.