Capital Campaign

We have good reason to take great pride in our synagogue. For almost 100 years, Shaarei Shomayim has been providing leadership to the Toronto Jewish community by:

  • Carrying the banner of modern Orthodoxy where Torah plays an essential role in our modern day lives.
  • Our unwavering Zionist view and commitment to modern day Israel.
  • Delivering a vibrant centre for davening, learning, chessed, and Israel action.
  • Providing both members and the broader community an inclusive platform for some of the most important Jewish celebrations and commemorations.
  • An institution where women are welcome to learn Torah in classes and give Divrei Torah to share their knowledge and insight with the greater community.
  • A place where future leaders are created with our teen and youth programs.

This passion and commitment lies in our hearts but its expression is seen within the physical presence of the bricks and mortar. After forty-six years in the current building, we are making the necessary upgrades to ensure that we meet the growing needs of our members for a first-class synagogue that will be an important North American centre for modern Orthodoxy.

Changes to our building are a commitment to ensuring the Judaism we believe in has a home in which to flourish in midtown Toronto. It is here where we can impact our community within our walls and beyond.

Join us in retiring our debt, rebuilding our building and renewing our commitment to Shaarei Shomayim.

Please download the capital campaign pitchbook to find out about donation levels and more.

Capital Campaign Commmittee:

Rabbi Chaim Strauchler, Michael Goldrich, David Mansell, Brian Cantor, Eli Dadouch, Joyce Eklove, Howard Katz & Katy Korman