The LEGO company nearly went bankrupt in the late 90s. The company made a product to which children were naturally attracted. Simple interlocking plastic bricks that can create almost anything. Yet, their sets were not selling. The company discovered that children needed not only something with which to play, but also stories to motivate them to play. 

The company has found renewed success by partnering with brands like Star Wars and Harry Potter and by creating their own stories like Bionicle and Ninjago. Children have returned to LEGO bricks because the company has given them stories to inspire their creativity and play.  

We need certain material things to survive like food and air. We too require stories to motivate us to survive. The Talmud describes Torah as water to convey this message. The Torah provides us not just with a legal system, but also with a core story to motivate us. We come together as a people to serve God and to sanctify God's name.

(I touched upon these themes in an article that I co-authored with Rabbi David Wolkenfeld for Commentary Magazine. Please click here to read it.)