General Information

Security guards are on duty every Shabbat and Holiday. During High Holidays, officers from Toronto Police Services are hired as well. If one witnesses anything that could endanger the congregation, it is vitally important to inform the guards so that they can address the situation.

Cloak Rooms
The main cloak room is on the main level. Individuals manning this room will provide you with a ticket upon receipt of your belongings. The lower level has two areas for you to hang up your own coats or leave small bags.

First Aid
The shul has a first aid kit on hand as well as oxygen and a defibrillator.

Wheelchair Access
We have completed a major renovation, where one of our goals was to make our shul as inclusive as possible to those requiring wheelchair accessibility. Most of the building is fully accessible, including:

  • All entrances to the synagogue.
  • Bimas in the Beit Midrash, Sisterhood Hall (Downstair's Minyan), and the lower bima in the main Sanctuary. Exception: The upper bima is not accessible..
  • All washrooms on the main floor. On the lower level there is one private washroom that is fully accessible.
  • Men's and women's seating in the main Sanctuary, Beit Midrash, Sisterhood Hall: Exception: the main floor, north side women's section has 2 steps.
  • Brides Room
  • Administative Offices
  • Elevator (it has a Shabbat mode)

Women and men’s washrooms can be found on both levels.

Nursing Room
For women requiring a private and quiet place to nurse, we provide on:

  • Shabbat: There is a room with a nursing mothers sign posted on the door, on the lower level by the Beit Midrash/Youth Lounge.
  • High Holidays: The Bridal Suite is available. It is located upstairs to the far right of the main entrance to the sanctuary. Ask someone working in the cloak room to let you in as this door is locked.

Siddurim (Prayer Books)

  • Shabbat: During a regular Shabbat our shul provides prayer books either at your seat or in the entryway to each service. We stock three different prayer books. Each prayer book contains the text of the service in Hebrew and English. Please ask the person sitting next to you for help in finding the correct page. Page numbers are announced from the Artscroll Siddur and the Birnbaum Prayer Book for Sabbath and Festivals. We also have available the new Koren Sacks Siddur. We stock two different Chumashim (Hebrew Bibles) from which we announce page numbers. They are the Artscroll Stone Chumash and the Hertz Chumash.
  • High Holidays: On the High Holidays, members and guests are reminded to bring their own machzors (prayer books). Should you not have a machzor for the holidays, a number of additional books will be kept at the welcome desk inside the main doors to the shul.

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm
Friday & Erev Yom Tov: 9 am - 2 pm

Phone: 416.789.3213
Fax: 416.789.1728