About Shaarei Shomayim

Shalom! Welcome to Shaarei Shomayim, a Modern Orthodox community of approximately 700 families, located in the heart of midtown Toronto and within the eruv. We stand for Torah, the Jewish people and the State of Israel; we are constantly building a synagogue community where it all matters.

Shabbat is the core of synagogue life, and we are proud to offer multiple services, youth programs and educational programs each Shabbat. During the week, we provide a complete infrastructure of Jewish learning, education, community volunteering, socializing, and visiting the sick. We seek to inspire our members to live a life imbued with Torah values, dedicated to community, education, the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

Join our growing family of families!

Over 60 new families have joined our shul community over the past two years, most of whom are young families looking for a place where kids are busy with dynamic programming and parents can enjoy a range of services and classes. We invite you to visit our shul; we are confident you will enjoy the experience. 

The story behind “Where it all matters”
Working with Rabbi Strauchler, we tried to define Modern Orthodoxy and how we wanted to represent our shul community. A place for education, Shabbat, friendship, spirituality, Israel advocacy… our list went on. We were stuck. It all mattered.
We turned to Rabbi Diamond to help crystallize our list. His answer was simple: In Modern Orthodoxy, it all matters - both Torah and our modern lives.
The place we learn, celebrate, grow and impact is our shul.
Shaarei Shomayim is a place, proudly, Where it All Matters.